Patient Benefits At Dr. Luciano’s Concierge Medical Practice

There are so many reasons why our patients that live in Bucks County choose Dr. Michael Luciano’s Concierge Medicine Practice. Concierge Medicine is a new and innovative model of family medicine that delivers care that is above and beyond what traditional insurance based practices offer their patients.

In traditional practices, patients typically see their Doctor or a Mid-Level Provider for an average of 8 minutes. As a Concierge Doctor, Dr. Luciano can see each patient for 45 min to over an hour to make sure the visit is not rushed and he is able to discuss and review more than just one or two issues at a time while always focusing on their wellness. Awarded by his patients and residents of Ivyland, Newtown, Doylestown, Jamison, Buckingham Township, Warrington, and Richboro in Bucks County as being the Best Family Doctor year after year, Dr. Luciano strives to provide the best care for his patients and treats them like family.

If you are looking for the best Family Doctor for you or your family, you will find it here at Dr. Michael Luciano’s Concierge Medicine practice. We welcome you to read Dr. Luciano’s patient testimonials here on our website or visit our Facebook page to see what our patients from Bucks County have said about his knowledge, bedside manners and thoroughness. Dr. Luciano’s Concierge Medical practice is the premier choice for those living in Ivyland, Buckingham Township, Newtown, Doylestown, Jamison, Richboro, and the surrounding cities of Bucks County. Patients of our practice enjoy having a Concierge Doctor knowing that Dr. Luciano is there for them when they need him the most.

concierge doctor buckingham township

  • Dr. Michael Luciano Board Certified in Family Medicine & Obesity Medicine
  • Your Personal Physician and Partner in Health
  • Extended, unhurried office visits so that you have time to ask all of your questions – 45 min to over an hour.
  • 24/7 access to Dr. Luciano – your personal physician with peace of mind that he is available to you any time you need him.
  • Unlimited access to Doctor. via cell phone, text, email, Skype, Facetime or other virtual visit.
  • Practice size is limited to only 500 patients.
  • Same or next day appointments.
  • Enhanced coordination of care with specialists.
  • Outpatient appointments done by our staff.
  • Comprehensive physicals that allow more time than a typical physical would cover
  • Body composition testing annually.
  • Onsite blood draw.
  • EKG ( if clinically indicated)
  • Body Fat Analysis
  • A Patient copy of key medical information on a flash drive and uploaded into the patient portal.